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(posted Feb 2006)

Since the Exec meeting of the 31st May 2005 (detailed below) it has been decided to shelve the clubhouse remodelling plans for the time being and to keep them on record.

Before any building work can be considered, it is clear that the Club must first enter a period of organisational change. As ever, the Club depends on the enthusiastic work of its members in order to thrive, so it is now a good time to gauge the amount of time that individual members are willing and able to commit.

Please download Ben’s form, complete it and pass it to any Exec member (or email back) at your earliest opportunity, so that we might plan accordingly.

At a meeting held on the 31st of May 2005, the club’s Executive Committee voted to adopt, in principle, an intention to expand/extend the clubhouse: the decision being based upon a previously submitted draft business plan.

The Major Benefits

The possible major benefits of the scheme being perceived:- to improve facilities for all club members, and improve disability access. to improve catering facilities at the club, and provision for functions. to raise the public profile of the club. to increase revenue streams to the club (all year round). to provide on-site residence for a club steward (rental income).

The cost of building, for the extension scheme, would be covered by a combination of:-

  • Grants Public fund-raising / donations.
  • Club bank-loan (as would be justified by a conservative business plan).
  • Sponsorship. (The percentage share of respective funding sources, not as yet been established.)

Details of the scheme would be professionally drawn-up and supervised, but the success of the scheme would depend upon the support, dedication and hard work of the club’s members.

As a consequence of the Executive Committee’s decision, a sub-committee has been established to further investigate the viability of the scheme, and to “flesh-out” the fine points of the scheme as a whole, until enough specific detail is available to submit to the full membership of the club for due consideration (any final go-ahead having, of course, to be a full-membership decision).

Any input or ideas or advice from club members, at any stage, would be valued.

how to remove ear wax using microsuction

Microsuction ear wax removal is a procedure that uses gentle suction to remove excessive or troublesome ear wax.using a microscope, our trained audiologists are able to look directly into the ear canal and use a sterile suction device to gently remove the wax. Occasionally we may need to use other instruments to remove hard wax, or to soften the wax using olive oil.

Wax microsuction is the gold standard ear wax removal technique. It involves the use of an air suction device at low operating pressure to remove wax from the ear, all performed under an operating microscope. It is the safest and quickest means to conveniently remove ear wax and allows full visualisation of the ear canal so that any touching of the sensitive skin layer or fine hairs within the ear canal can, in most instances, be avoided. It is advised that wax softening drops (such as earol) are used by patients a few days prior to attending for wax removal.

Microscopic and microsuction ear wax removal is a procedure where ear wax is removed from the ear under a microscope. The microscope is used to directly visualise the ear wax whilst it is being removed using a low-pressure suction machine and fine sterile probe (microsuction).

This process uses a fine tube connected to a suction machine and does not require water to remove the wax. The procedure is safe, comfortable and painless. We view your ear canal with the aid of a microscope which allows us to see exactly what we are doing at all times. This removal process is very thorough and is particularly suitable for smaller ear canals and for those who may have suffered problems with their ears such as eardrum perforation.

Ear Wax Removal / Microsuction

Microsuction is the safest technique for clearing ear wax from the ear canal. It is much safer than syringing. The microscope offers extremely magnified vision so the nurses can see extremely well, therefore they can remove wax/debris without touching the ear canal walls – a comfortable, safe procedure. The magnified view allows the ear nurse therapist to assess the ear canal and eardrum to make a diagnosis.

As medical professionals working in ent, we get asked “how to remove ear wax?” almost every day. We only practice and promote microsuction as this is the most effective way of maintaining oral hygiene. What is microsuction? ‘micro’ – because we use microscopes, ‘suction’ – because we use a finely calibrated suction device, to vacuum out the wax.

Usually, microsuction does not even require pretreatment of ear drops. A fully qualified audiologist will look into the ear canal through a binaural microscope (either fixed or with glasses) and, using a very fine suction device at low temperature will safely remove the wax.

Micro-suction ear wax removal is one of the safest methods of ear cleaning and it is an ideal method of wax removal for people who have had a perforation to their eardrum or who have had any mid-ear surgery. Microsuction uses no water for the ear wax removal and there is no mess and little fuss. Lindsay is fully qualified and certified in carrying out this simple and effective treatment for ear wax blockages.

If ear drops or ear irrigation do not work, other options include microsuction, which is a quick and comparatively painless treatment involving a small device which sucks out the wax from your ear. This is usually a safe option even if you have a damaged eardrum. An aural toilet uses a thin instrument with a hoop at one end to clean your ear and remove the wax.

We mainly use microsuction as our preferred option as it is cleaner, non-invasive and significantly quicker than irrigation and find that most people find it more comfortable. Our recommendation if you have wax is to put olive oil, or preferably sodium bicarbonate ear drops into your ears 2 to 3 days prior to your appointment as this will aid removal.


How to Advertise and Market Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

You may have the best product or service, but you must get the word out. You have got to market and advertise how great your business is, if you want customers. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a small fortune on paid advertising methods.  

Eight No Cost Ways to Market Your Business

Are you trying to promote your business with a tiny marketing budget? Opportunities are plentiful for low or no cost marketing. Here are a few that won’t cost you a cent.

  1. Publish articles about your specialty. “How-to” articles are always welcome. Ensure you include your contact information.
  2. Write letters to the editor of publications your target market reads.
  3. Get involved in an organization or community project.
  4. Build strategic alliances with non-competing businesses and cross-promote each other.
  5. Publish a special report. A “super how to” list for your specialty area. Distribute freely. Ensure that your contact information is included.
  6. Speak to groups and organizations. Make sure the audience is your target market.
  7. Carefully target relationships with media sources.
  8. Write newsworthy press releases and distribute to your special contacts.

10 Ways to Advertise Your Business For Free!

At some point many small business owners are left with no or a small amount of capital to promote their business.  But many entrepreneurs utilize these free or low budget yet effective tactics to promote their business online and offline.

  1. Print out flyers or business cards and take them to your local stores, banks, beauty shops etc.
  2. Word of mouth never fails, so tell your friends to tell their friends.
  3. Make a cookie, candy or fruit basket and take it to your local store with your business cards.
  4. Exchange links with other sites.
  5. Post your brochures business cards at your local bulletin board.
  6. At a restaurant when tipping include your card.
  7. Send a press release to your local newspaper.
  8. Submit your site to search engines and directories.
  9. Give out free samples, promotional products, e-books etc. 
  10. Write articles for others to use on their website and newsletter include your web site URL and a brief description of your services/products.

Income Tax Relief Louisville KY

Two of life’s great certainties are death and taxes – but a lot of individuals who owe the IRS act as if they don’t understand this maxim. Failing to pay your income tax is a very bad idea. You will owe money to the government and the government can catch up on you and hit you with a bill you’ll have to pay with interest eventually. Life can seem pretty bleak if you have a big tax and cannot pay.   Time to enjoy reduced stress and get this monkey off your back.  Visit Income Tax Debt Relief Louisville KY for an excellent solution.

What is tax debt relief in Louisville KY?

This term is broad, and it covers any program, incentive or services that assist an individual reduce or get rid of outstanding tax debts.

When to seek tax debt relief in Louisville KY?

There are four instances when an individual can consider getting a tax debt relief. Consult a tax debt attorney for your income tax debt forgiveness in Louisville KY.

1.You are going through an audit, like the IRS tax audit

2.You have failed to file your tax returns to date

3.Currently, you owe tax that you cannot afford to pay, whether to the state or the IRS

4.You have ran out of compliance with the IRS Code

If you find yourself in any of these situations, that is not the end of the world. There are things you can do to lower the impact of tax debts in your financial well-being. That issue can be handled by:

1.Not ignoring the issue

The IRS will not ignore the problem. Even if you fail to pay what you owe, ensure you file your return in a timely manner, or if you cannot, file to get an extension. There is a penalty of 5 percent of your owed tax every month when you file late.

2.Being realistic

Tax debt relief is only offered to individuals having real financial difficulties. If you or a member of your family has had a serious health challenge, or you got fired from your job or have no prospect of generating any income in the future, you may be qualified for a tax debt relief in Louisville KY. tax debt relief is for people that are sincerely struggling with their tax burdens – you have to be realistic with yourself.

3.Hiring an attorney

You can hire an attorney for your tax debt relief in Louisville KY to negotiate with the IRS if you owe over $10,000. There are different payment plans; an experienced attorney can get you better terms. The attorney can also help you avoid getting a tax lien, which can damage your credit.

How about bankruptcy in Louisville KY?

 Although it can eliminate your tax debt, it is not a certainty. You must go through your finances by using the bankruptcy codes to ensure you qualify for a tax debt relief in Louisville KY. Also have it in mind that bankruptcy can have huge consequences.

For your income tax debt forgiveness in Louisville KY, contact us today. We are experienced tax relief advocates that have proudly served residents of Irvine for many years. We have assisted thousands of people, families and businesses resolve their tax problems with the IRS without losing any sleep over the details. Whether you owe the IRS money, have unfiled returns, are going through an audit, or have other tax issues, we are here to protect your interests – simply call Tax Relief Advocates at 888.TAX.1007.


Getting your finance for property development approved

In this article, we discuss  the key aspects that lenders will consider  before providing you with finance for property development .

Financing your property development project: How to get your funding approved

What many first time developers don’t realise, is that when funders assess your property development finance application they will appraise the end-quality of the finished project that you are offering as security for the actual loan.

What they look at primarily are:

The price that the lenders will obtain if they had to take possession as first mortgagee and sell the actual project.

The type of development. The rule of thumb is that residential properties are the easiest to sell., especially if they hit the sweet spot with regard to location and price point. On the other hand, regional properties,  and specialised properties like resorts or serviced apartments are considered a much higher risk and property developments for these types of properties will ultimately require you to icontribute a higher level level of capital investment in order to lower the overall LVR.

The end value of the property that you are developing. Obviously, if the properties that you are developing are required to sell at a much higher price than that of medium value of the properties in the area, then the lender will see this as an additional risk overall.

It is imperative that when doing your due diligence of any potential property development project, that you keep the lender’s criteria and expectations in the front of your mind.

Important documents required by the potential lender

The following are the most important documents required during the loan application process  in order for the funder to mitigate any risk in the application.

A fixed price building contract

Detailed construction costings

Evidence of pre-sales

Project Management reports

Cash Flows and revised financial projections

To  find out more about what one of the tier 1 lenders  require , visit :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Australia_Bank

How To Plan Your Press Release Campaign

A press release is your vehicle for promotion. Anybody can create it- business owners, Public Relations specialists, individuals, clubs, colleges or any association.


Nevertheless, to have a successful press release, you must learn just how to prepare it well. Preparation is vital to make sure that you take the right steps to achieve your goals.

Image result for


Preparation Your News Release Project


Before typing on your keyboard to craft your story, ensure that you have a prepare for your press release. It’s similar to a media plan.


Businesses need to plan their release each year. A news release advertising project ensures that every little thing remains in location as well as smooth-flowing.


Planning includes looking for the ideal media platform that will certainly market the brand name and also its items. It additionally involves recognizing when, how as well as where a message ought to be done.


The goal is to achieve getting to the best target market at the correct time making use of the appropriate message to produce the anticipated results. A PR professional must continuously remember the timing, audience, and also expected the outcome.


To have a current press release, planning and reviewing ought to be done before publishing it.


What’s consisted of in a news release strategy?


A strategy needs to include:


  • Timeline of press releases

  • Service objectives and objectives

  • Initiatives

  • Aim of the press launch

  • Media objectives consist of: who is the target market, get to/ frequency, communication objectives, budget

  • Media techniques: magazines, radio, TV, electronic, papers

  • Supplemental web content: photos, videos, graphs

  • SEO methods

  • Dispersing a press release

  • Analytics as well as examination

  • Strategy The Message

Always intend what you want your target market to understand. Ensure that you are imparting a worth that they can benefit from.


  • To create brand name understanding of your brand name or products.

  • To promote a brand-new service or product

  • To obtain promotion for an associated item.

  • To add added subscribers to your newsletter.

  • To remember an item or stop service.

  • To manage a dilemma

  • To give pointers

  • To solve an issue

  • To offer comments or outcome

  • Study growths

  • To introduce a brand-new location

  • To reveal an honor or honor

  • To inform a new personnel

Plan That To Target


When composing a release, you need to target three things: media, influencers and also the audience. You require to target the ideal reporters and also plan well on exactly how to construct a relationship with them.


Are you targeting local or national media electrical outlets? Specify which journalists as well as magazines you intend to collaborate with. Just see to it that they are excellently suitable for you. They ought to have covered the same tales lately, or they belong in the same niche.


Without the right reporter, you will certainly not be able to reach your target audience as well as influencers. Reporters will assist you in providing your message to your audience.


Influencers can affect people with their message. They can assist you in accomplishing a new reach and also increasing brand understanding.


Strategy When To Send A News Release


If you’re composing news release on your own, you ought to have the ability to set up when will be your following uploading. When hiring an online distribution solution, you may make a decision the frequency of how commonly you desire them to distribute your tale.


Is it weekly, monthly or sometimes in a month? On the internet distribution companies can aid you to obtain the attention that you require by dealing with your press releases.


Strategy Your Media Material


You require to plan what kind of digital media you intend to include in your release. Decide if you’ll be putting images, videos, stats, charts or case studies. Existing realities as well as numbers. Include quotes from the top level of your company or clients to raise integrity.


Plan Your Search Engine Optimization Tactics


News release ought to consist of the appropriate keyword phrases in the headline as well as the body. Making your version enhanced for the internet search engine boosts your authority, brand name recognition and also website traffic. Make sure that you use pictures as well as video clips to make them much more enhanced.


Strategy your Analytics as well as Analysis


You should know precisely how you’re going to gauge the success of your news release. You can make use of Google Analytics and other tools to establish your development.


In intending your release, you might utilize a material monitoring tool, a job monitoring device or a basic spreadsheet. What matters is that you prepare to make sure that your web content marketing works.


For more info check this out https://www.addme.com/blog/2019/02/10-newswire-pr-distribution-tips-that-will-skyrocket-your-campaign


Do Office Injuries Qualify for Workers Compensation?

If you think that workers’ compensation only applies to dangerous jobs such as construction, think again. Even seemingly safe occupations carry the risk of debilitating injury. This applies to those who work in an office setting.

Office work may not appear to contain hazards, yet the following are common sources of injury for such employees. If any of these apply to you, then you may have a workers’ compensation claim.

Repetitive Strain Injury:

Repetitive strain injuries are injuries that occur from doing the same motion over and over again. Injuries like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and bursitis can all occur from workplace tasks. These are more difficult to prove for worker’s compensation because these conditions develop over years, however if you report the symptoms as soon as they begin and can connect them to a required workplace task, then you can make a legitimate case for worker’s compensation.


Overexertion is when a person strains or pulls a muscle or joint, or even slips a disc from overextending to lift, pull, push, or turn an item. Though these are most common in workplaces that require a lot of physical labor like on construction sites, at factories, or in medical, they can happen anywhere. Overexertion can happen in an office from moving files or at a restaurant carrying a tray of food. If you experience an injury from overexertion on the job, you are eligible for worker’s compensation.

Slip, Trip, And Falls:

Slip or trip and falls can happen on any surface. An employee can slip on a wet surface indoors or trip on a loose carpet, or they can slip in the rain outside. Slip, trip, and falls can cause numerous injuries from sprains, to breaks, to even traumatic brain injury. They can also can bodily reaction injuries which occur when a person falling tries to stop the fall and sprains an ankle or break your wrist from the impact. Slip or trip and falls are considered a worker’s compensation if it happens during a work task or within the workplace.


Legitimate Workers Compensation

Workplace injury and illness risks differ depending on the company and industry. While accounting firms aren’t usually exposed to extreme workplace hazards, common employee injuries such as slips, trips and falls, back injuries and repetitive stress injuries sometimes occur. Any time an employee gets hurt, there is the potential for workers’ compensation insurance fraud to occur.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers’ compensation insurance fraud is a serious crime that costs businesses $30 billion annually.[1] One common type of fraud is claim-related fraud, which is when an employee attempts to gain a workers’ compensation insurance benefit by falsely stating an injury or illness occurred at work or by exaggerating an existing injury or illness.Committing this type of fraud may lead to higher insurance premiums for employers and may ultimately hurt workers who are legitimately injured on the job.

Insurance Policy for Rent

Some employers are creative, finding new ways to commit workers’ compensation fraud. A Florida woman “rented out” her policy to others.

The woman created a shell company for which she purchased a workers’ compensation policy. She told her insurer that she had worked in construction for ten years and employed five workers. In reality, she had never worked in the construction industry and employed no one.

Foiled by Facebook


If you file a false workers’ compensation claim, don’t broadcast your misdeed on social media. ​An Ohio woman learned this lesson the hard way. She had filed a claim alleging that she was injured in a slip and fall incident in a company parking lot. In a Facebook post, however, she stated that the fall occurred at a nearby gas station. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation learned about the post. The woman was ordered to pay a fine and to return all the benefits she had received.

Self-Enrichment Through Self-Insurance


Employers, employees, and providers aren’t the only people who commit workers’ compensation fraud. A county in Pennsylvania lost almost $650, 000 due to the acts of a corrupt third-party claims administrator.

Two partners owned a claims administration business. The company was hired to administer a workers’ compensation self-insurance fund operated by Lackawanna County. As the fund administrator, the firm was supposed to review bills from providers, pay claims, and issue various reports. Instead, the partners spent their work days smoking cigars and watching porn on the Internet.

Ultimate Fullbody Weightlifting Exercises

There can be many reasons why you will not overcomplicate your training program with too many exercises. One of them can quite simply be a lack of time – you usually get an effective fullbody training session if you go for the big basic exercises rather than the small isolation exercises that train the small muscle groups. Another might be that you just prefer the small exercises. Man Boobs Fast Gynecomastia Treatment

In general, it should be noted that one’s preferred exercises are usually a subjective assessment. In other words, you are the judge of how good and effective a given exercise is. But with the list below you will at least get a selection to choose from. Just remember to be aware of training all muscle groups. That is, if you choose a given exercise from, it should preferably be replaced by another exercise that trains the same muscle groups. If you are unable to evaluate it (it is generally not recommended that novices compile their own training program), please read our muscle building article training programs for beginners here.

Olympic squat – the exercise that shares the waters

Olympic squat (in everyday speech just squats) is an exercise that shares the waters to a degree. Either you love the exercise, or you hate it. Nevertheless, Olympic squat is one of the most effective exercises. Many go with the mistaken belief that Olympic squat only trains their legs. Although it is true that squat mainly trains thighs, hips and legs in general, it also greatly affects abdominal muscles and back (the upper body must be stabilized in order to be able to squat properly and heavily).

It is said that Olympic squat, in addition to deadlift, is the exercise that is the best indication for a person’s overall strength. This is because squats are one of the exercises that activate the most muscles at the same time. If you can squatting over 100 kg, you are probably pretty strong.

Bench Press

When we speak classic basic exercises, of course you do not get around bench press. Bench press trains primarily chest and triceps and secondary biceps, forearm and upper back. Bench press is a favorite of many who want a larger upper body because it trains most of the chest. Below you can see a video on how bench press is performed:

Conventional deadlift – my personal favorite

Nothing makes you feel as strong as when you practice conventional deadlift. Personally, conventional deadlift is one of my absolute favorites. On the one hand, deadlift trains a large part of the body, and partly it feels just nice to do the exercise. When you have trained heavy squats and deadlifts, you are usually completely finished. The primary muscle groups used in deadlift are back, bales and hindquarters, but stomach, chest and arms also get a ride.

More Information Visit –

Rocklin Food & Wine Events

The farm-to-fork movement is gaining exponential popularity due to its successful reuniting of food producers and consumers. This local food movement, which aims to bring local farmers and consumers together for the sake of fresh produce, has triumphantly improved the relationship with local farms in the region.

Farm-to-fork restaurant events are popping up all over California to highlight this relationship and to educate the public about where their produce comes from and how to enjoy the freshest ingredients possible. Two, local, upcoming events include Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork Festival on September 26th and Placer Land Trust’s annual Placer Conservator event on October 22nd. Placer Land Trust’s event will be held at Blue Goose in Loomis and food will be provided by Laura Kenny of Real Food Catering who is known locally for her farm to table mantra and culinary skill. “ I feel fortunate to live in such a fabulous place, where we can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, ” says Kenny, “The products that we grow locally are so delicious…why wouldn’t I choose to eat locally and in season???”

The farm-to-fork movement provides the community with many benefits including boosting local economies and creating more self-reliant food networks. It also helps to educate the community about their health by helping people to understand what they put into their bodies. Local Registered Dietitian and farmer Dayna Green-Burgeson says, “Farm to fork eating celebrates food in a less processed form and puts a positive spin on healthier eating. The average American consumes only 2 1/2 servings of fruits and vegetables but over 1/3 pound of added sugar per day, most of it from processed foods. Excess consumption of processed foods and inadequate intake of whole foods has led to poor health including heart disease, diabetes and obesity for many Americans. Recent studies at the University of California, Davis have shown that children who participated in a farm to fork school nutrition program had healthier eating habits after participation, and although the program did not address weight in any way, the overweight children in the program lost weight. Knowing where our food comes from increases our connection to and appreciation of real food and healthy eating. Farm to fork is good for both the environment, our local economy and our health, and fresh local food tastes better too!”

The local food movement also aids the environment by promoting sustainable and organic farming. Produce purchased in the grocery store can travel thousands of miles to its destination, but in the farm-to-fork movement, the food is being consumed locally which drastically reduces the carbon footprint. Farm-to-fork also helps to reinvigorate the relationships within the community; it encourages people to go out to farmers markets and events to meet farmers, culinary experts, and fellow food lovers to reconnect over a basic human need.

The farm-to-fork movement is much more than a current trend; it is a way of life promoting a sense of community, sustainability, and most importantly tasty fresh food. We all have to eat, we might as well make sure it’s good.


There’s a PlacerGROWN farmers’ market pretty much every day somewhere in the county. (The Old Town Auburn and Roseville Fountains markets are open year-round!) See the latest dates and times to explore our many Placer County farmers’ markets below and be sure to visit our “What’s in Season” page to see all of the produce you’ll be able to find at them.

Foothill Farmers’ Market – Farmers Market – 6636 Lonetree Blvd, Rocklin, CA 

The Foothill Farmers’ Market Association is celebrating 24 years of farmers’ markets in Placer County! Attendees of the markets can find California certified farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, nuts, honey, eggs, and nursery stock.

Quarry Park:

Bringing great shows and entertainment to our beautiful new venue at Quarry Park! Located at 4000 Rocklin Rd. directly behind the fire station, Historic City Hall, and Memorial Park, we will house incredible shows, plays, famous food events, and more! Can’t wait for you to come spend the day with us! More info at




Home Insulation and its Environmental Impact

With the right insulation your house will be energy efficient, helping to conserve energy and preserve the increasingly scarce natural heating resources in the world. It’s even better for Sacramento, if you select recycled or environmentally friendly insulation products, you will contribute more to maintaining a sustainable planet.

Home Insulation and Energy Consumption

Many houses waste energy because they are badly designed and constructed and have inadequate home insulation. Energy simply leaks through walls, ceilings and floors. This means the house is difficult to heat properly in the winter and cool adequately in the summer unless you use large amounts of energy. The negative impact on our depleted fossil fuel resources is enormous.

Which is the best insulation for the environment?

Whether you view ‘green’ as a sustainable resource, saving the environment, or healthier for our bodies, you have quite a few options for green insulation. There are four effective materials used for insulation today that are more environmentally friendly.

Sheep’s Wool

Common sense tells us that sheep’s wool is a natural insulator for them in the harsh farmlands of the north. So scientists discover a way to harvest the wool and turn it into home-friendly insulation. When you compact the wool, there are little air pockets that keep the cold air from getting in and the warm air from getting out. The R value is about R-13 for a 24 inch thickness Batt. This type of insulation material is extremely environment friendly since it is all natural.

Comfortable Cotton

With almost the exact R value as fiberglass, cotton insulation creates an efficient barrier between the hot and cold in your home. Cotton also repels bugs, keeping them out of your home. In addition, cotton is a natural plant that does not contain formaldehyde like fiberglass. The only issue with the cotton insulation is the high cost. Cotton can either be blown-in or you can buy it in Batt form and secure it between your studs.