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The farm-to-fork movement is gaining exponential popularity due to its successful reuniting of food producers and consumers. This local food movement, which aims to bring local farmers and consumers together for the sake of fresh produce, has triumphantly improved the relationship with local farms in the region.

Farm-to-fork restaurant events are popping up all over California to highlight this relationship and to educate the public about where their produce comes from and how to enjoy the freshest ingredients possible. Two, local, upcoming events include Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork Festival on September 26th and Placer Land Trust’s annual Placer Conservator event on October 22nd. Placer Land Trust’s event will be held at Blue Goose in Loomis and food will be provided by Laura Kenny of Real Food Catering who is known locally for her farm to table mantra and culinary skill. “ I feel fortunate to live in such a fabulous place, where we can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, ” says Kenny, “The products that we grow locally are so delicious…why wouldn’t I choose to eat locally and in season???”

The farm-to-fork movement provides the community with many benefits including boosting local economies and creating more self-reliant food networks. It also helps to educate the community about their health by helping people to understand what they put into their bodies. Local Registered Dietitian and farmer Dayna Green-Burgeson says, “Farm to fork eating celebrates food in a less processed form and puts a positive spin on healthier eating. The average American consumes only 2 1/2 servings of fruits and vegetables but over 1/3 pound of added sugar per day, most of it from processed foods. Excess consumption of processed foods and inadequate intake of whole foods has led to poor health including heart disease, diabetes and obesity for many Americans. Recent studies at the University of California, Davis have shown that children who participated in a farm to fork school nutrition program had healthier eating habits after participation, and although the program did not address weight in any way, the overweight children in the program lost weight. Knowing where our food comes from increases our connection to and appreciation of real food and healthy eating. Farm to fork is good for both the environment, our local economy and our health, and fresh local food tastes better too!”

The local food movement also aids the environment by promoting sustainable and organic farming. Produce purchased in the grocery store can travel thousands of miles to its destination, but in the farm-to-fork movement, the food is being consumed locally which drastically reduces the carbon footprint. Farm-to-fork also helps to reinvigorate the relationships within the community; it encourages people to go out to farmers markets and events to meet farmers, culinary experts, and fellow food lovers to reconnect over a basic human need.

The farm-to-fork movement is much more than a current trend; it is a way of life promoting a sense of community, sustainability, and most importantly tasty fresh food. We all have to eat, we might as well make sure it’s good.


There’s a PlacerGROWN farmers’ market pretty much every day somewhere in the county. (The Old Town Auburn and Roseville Fountains markets are open year-round!) See the latest dates and times to explore our many Placer County farmers’ markets below and be sure to visit our “What’s in Season” page to see all of the produce you’ll be able to find at them.

Foothill Farmers’ Market – Farmers Market – 6636 Lonetree Blvd, Rocklin, CA 

The Foothill Farmers’ Market Association is celebrating 24 years of farmers’ markets in Placer County! Attendees of the markets can find California certified farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, nuts, honey, eggs, and nursery stock.

Quarry Park:

Bringing great shows and entertainment to our beautiful new venue at Quarry Park! Located at 4000 Rocklin Rd. directly behind the fire station, Historic City Hall, and Memorial Park, we will house incredible shows, plays, famous food events, and more! Can’t wait for you to come spend the day with us! More info at