Ultimate Fullbody Weightlifting Exercises

There can be many reasons why you will not overcomplicate your training program with too many exercises. One of them can quite simply be a lack of time – you usually get an effective fullbody training session if you go for the big basic exercises rather than the small isolation exercises that train the small muscle groups. Another might be that you just prefer the small exercises. Man Boobs Fast Gynecomastia Treatment

In general, it should be noted that one’s preferred exercises are usually a subjective assessment. In other words, you are the judge of how good and effective a given exercise is. But with the list below you will at least get a selection to choose from. Just remember to be aware of training all muscle groups. That is, if you choose a given exercise from, it should preferably be replaced by another exercise that trains the same muscle groups. If you are unable to evaluate it (it is generally not recommended that novices compile their own training program), please read our muscle building article training programs for beginners here.

Olympic squat – the exercise that shares the waters

Olympic squat (in everyday speech just squats) is an exercise that shares the waters to a degree. Either you love the exercise, or you hate it. Nevertheless, Olympic squat is one of the most effective exercises. Many go with the mistaken belief that Olympic squat only trains their legs. Although it is true that squat mainly trains thighs, hips and legs in general, it also greatly affects abdominal muscles and back (the upper body must be stabilized in order to be able to squat properly and heavily).

It is said that Olympic squat, in addition to deadlift, is the exercise that is the best indication for a person’s overall strength. This is because squats are one of the exercises that activate the most muscles at the same time. If you can squatting over 100 kg, you are probably pretty strong.

Bench Press

When we speak classic basic exercises, of course you do not get around bench press. Bench press trains primarily chest and triceps and secondary biceps, forearm and upper back. Bench press is a favorite of many who want a larger upper body because it trains most of the chest. Below you can see a video on how bench press is performed:

Conventional deadlift – my personal favorite

Nothing makes you feel as strong as when you practice conventional deadlift. Personally, conventional deadlift is one of my absolute favorites. On the one hand, deadlift trains a large part of the body, and partly it feels just nice to do the exercise. When you have trained heavy squats and deadlifts, you are usually completely finished. The primary muscle groups used in deadlift are back, bales and hindquarters, but stomach, chest and arms also get a ride.

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