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(posted Feb 2006)

Since the Exec meeting of the 31st May 2005 (detailed below) it has been decided to shelve the clubhouse remodelling plans for the time being and to keep them on record.

Before any building work can be considered, it is clear that the Club must first enter a period of organisational change. As ever, the Club depends on the enthusiastic work of its members in order to thrive, so it is now a good time to gauge the amount of time that individual members are willing and able to commit.

Please download Ben’s form, complete it and pass it to any Exec member (or email back) at your earliest opportunity, so that we might plan accordingly.

At a meeting held on the 31st of May 2005, the club’s Executive Committee voted to adopt, in principle, an intention to expand/extend the clubhouse: the decision being based upon a previously submitted draft business plan.

The Major Benefits

The possible major benefits of the scheme being perceived:- to improve facilities for all club members, and improve disability access. to improve catering facilities at the club, and provision for functions. to raise the public profile of the club. to increase revenue streams to the club (all year round). to provide on-site residence for a club steward (rental income).

The cost of building, for the extension scheme, would be covered by a combination of:-

  • Grants Public fund-raising / donations.
  • Club bank-loan (as would be justified by a conservative business plan).
  • Sponsorship. (The percentage share of respective funding sources, not as yet been established.)

Details of the scheme would be professionally drawn-up and supervised, but the success of the scheme would depend upon the support, dedication and hard work of the club’s members.

As a consequence of the Executive Committee’s decision, a sub-committee has been established to further investigate the viability of the scheme, and to “flesh-out” the fine points of the scheme as a whole, until enough specific detail is available to submit to the full membership of the club for due consideration (any final go-ahead having, of course, to be a full-membership decision).

Any input or ideas or advice from club members, at any stage, would be valued.